Tab available for Vital Mental Medicine tune by John Dow

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Tab available for Vital Mental Medicine tune by John Dow

Our great friend and supporter John Dow (featured in a recent music feature on this blog) is a devotee of clawhammer banjo style, and a creative and prolific writer and interpreter of tunes for the instrument.

His style is uncluttered and elegant, and his videos (which we have shared on Facebook and on our blog) have a great appeal to players learning the style.

On the night (last autumn) when we reached our target funding figure in our Kickstarter campaign for The Shackleton banjo, John sat up into the early hours writing a tune ‘in our honour’.

It was one of the nicest gestures of support we could have imagined. The tune is a beautiful, haunting, melody which John named appropriately ‘Vital Mental Medicine’ (Shackleton’s descripton of Hussey’s banjo on the 1914 Endurance expedition).

Many people have told us how much they love the tune and we’ve been asked numerous times if there is a tab available.

Well there is! John has taken the trouble to write a tab for the basic melody. His own version has a few extra ‘fiddly bits’ but this tab will give you the essential play-through and you can add interpretative elements of your own depending on your digital dexterity!

Thank you John, once again, for your great support of the banjo in general and The Shackleton project in particular!

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