The Shackleton, now from just £395, with options to suit your taste

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The Shackleton, now from just £395, with options to suit your taste

We have simplified the pricing structure for The Shackleton banjo, to give all customers a lower entry point to this superb instrument combined with simple, clear, upgrade options.

Previously we had offered a standard maple model with Grover tuners and an an ‘oak special’ model with burr oak rim and Schertler Swiss engineered tuners.

In recent weeks the standard model was £495 and the oak special £595.

But with the new structure our prices are more accessible, and customers have great choice to add options.

We’ve now made the ‘standard’ Shackleton just £395. It’s an extraordinarily low price when you consider that this instrument is handmade in the UK to a fantastically high standard.

For £395 you get the maple and birch rim with birds-eye maple finish coupled with the Grover Sta-Tite 97 series vintage style tuners.

Other Shackleton banjo options are…If you want to switch to the oak and birch rim with burr oak finish then it’s a simple upgrade which costs £65.

If you want to go to the Schertler Swiss tuners in black with ebony caps then it’s another simple upgrade of £55.

You can upgrade the tuners but keep the maple rim. Or upgrade the rim but keep the (excellent) Grover tuners. Or upgrade both.

You can also add a frailing scoop at £60.

We think the Shackleton offers completely unrivalled quality and value for money: in its standard or upgraded form.

It’s getting great customer feedback too.

And of course it sounds amazing!