Oak Rim Shackleton – first pictures

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Oak Rim Shackleton – first pictures

After all the struggles, all the delays, and all the promises, we have finally started to send Shackleton banjos out of the door to wing their way to their new loving homes! In fact we have now shipped out 25 banjos and more leave every single day. And now we have built the first of the oak rim Shackleton banjos too.

Today we sent out the first oak and birch models with Burr Oak rims and Schertler tuners. The oak rim Shackleton model is a little deeper and moodier in tone than the bright and cheerful maple model… but they both have a great dynamic range and lots of warmth. And they are surprisingly loud too, especially when you consider they have an integrated bearing edge rather than a tone ring.

The maple weighs just 1.6kg whereas the oak comes in a tiny bit heavier at 1.7kg. Possibly the lightest quality banjos in the world!

We’ve had some amazing customer feedback. Here are a few of the messages we’ve received (and these are all absolutely genuine, and from different people..

“I just received my Shackleton banjo today. I am so very, very impressed. I feel like I have a treasure in my possession. It looks and sounds stunning and arrived after its big trip across the pond almost perfectly in tune! Thank you Simon and the Shackleton team. You are amazing!!”

“Hi Guys! I’ve been meaning to tell you I got my Shackleton last Friday. To call the banjo amazing is an understatement. I’m having trouble expressing how fantastic this instrument is. It’s beyond beautiful in its simplicity. The sound is clear and crisp, with a bright ringing tone. I can’t keep a smile off my face while I play. This is the first nice banjo I’ve ever had, and I can’t believe how much my playing has improved. I’m likewise very excited to have been a small part of the creation of this banjo – it’s not just another banjo off the shelf; it’s the 12th Shackleton banjo lovingly made by hand (for me!), and now my family and I are singing and playing and creating memories! Thank you!”

“I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ again for my new Shackleton banjo and let you know that I’m really pleased with it. It looks, plays and sounds great. Congratulations!”

The Oak rim Shackleton banjo

The Oak rim Shackleton