Shackleton beers now in Jarrold’s store

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Shackleton beers now in Jarrold’s store

We’re so excited here at Shackleton HQ to announce that our delicious locally brewed beers are ready, bottled, labelled and will soon be available on our website and from our shop. Meanwhile the range of Shackleton beers is available from Norwich’s own independent department store Jarrold’s. It’s not on the Jarrold’s website at the time of writing, but it will be in the next day or so. If you’re in Norwich go down to the lovely basement deli in Jarrold’s to find our beer.

Shackleton Hand-crafted Traditional Beer brand is a premium quality handmade beer range, brewed Norwich using traditional ingredients and techniques, and bottle-conditioned for a full flavour.

In 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton embarked on an epic adventure to the Antarctic which has passed into legend: bringing all his men back safely from the Endurance expedition.

In the long months trapped on the ice the men kept up morale with regular concert parties centered around a banjo, which Shackleton described as “vital mental medicine”. It is this story which inspired us at The Great British Banjo Co. to create own own range of beers.

Shackleton beers capture the heroic spirit of the golden age of Polar exploration, and “vital mental medicine|” seems a very apt description for their invigorating flavour!

Shackleton beers come in three varieties:

‘Centenary’ Bitter ABV 3.7%
Celebrating the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s heroic Endurance expedition, 1914-16. Easy-drinking, copper-coloured bitter with Challenger and Golding English hops for a full fruity flavour.

‘Endurance’ Dark Bitter ABV 4.8%
Commemorating Sir Ernest Shackleton’s brave ship Endurance, lost on the Antarctic expedition that bore its name. A big, bold, dark-ale with chocolatey malt and thick, deep, caramel flavours, plus a delicious nutty bitterness.

‘The Boss’ Golden ESB Ale ABV 5.0%
The Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton was always known as The Boss by his fiercely loyal officers and crew. This rich golden ale is brewed with the flavourful Cascade hop. Hints of citrus, toffee apple and honey.

‘Shackleton’ and ‘Vital Mental Medicine’ are registered trademarks of The Great British Banjo Company.