Join us on the journey

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Join us on the journey

Just under a year ago (mid October 2013), we successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign. The campaign raised over £48,000 through the generosity and imagination of more than 230 backers, thereby bringing The Shackleton banjo into being.

Since then, as you can see in the video below, we have taken an enthusiastic role in the new British manufacturing movement. The video was shot at the recent Make It British: Meet The Manufacturer event where I presented The Shackleton Banjo story to an enthusiastic audience, alongside Mary Portas and other manufacturing leaders.


One of the great benefits to us in using Kickstarter for our Shackleton banjo project was that the campaign also attracted some backers who were interested in getting involved in investors in the company.

In fact three Kickstarter backers subsequently took the step of investing in The Great British Banjo Company in return for equity.

Since the campaign closed we have been asked frequently if it’s still possible to back us on Kickstarter.

Well, this Kickstarter campaign is over, although we are planning another one for early next year for new product developments.

However, it is possible, if you have the right financial profile, to get involved as an investor.

This opportunity is only open to individuals who can be described either as ‘high net worth’ or as ‘experienced investors’. The reason for that is simple: investing in any business carries financial risk, so we aren’t able to offer the opportunity to people who cannot afford the risk.

But if you feel that the descriptors apply to you, and if you like the idea of investing in a small British manufacturing company with soul and passion (not to mention fabulous products and brand story), then please do get in touch.

And just to remind you: as well as the Shackleton banjo we also produce British-made Shackleton knitwear, Norfolk-brewed Shackleton beers and more. In coming months we will be expanding the instrument range to include new and different banjos (with exciting new instrument projects to be announced).

We are committed absolutely to designing and manufacturing great leisure products in Britain. Would you like to be a part of that story?

To find out more, please email me directly.

Very best wishes

Simon and the team