Kickstarter Shackleton clothing campaign: 27 days to raise £27,000!

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Kickstarter Shackleton clothing campaign: 27 days to raise £27,000!

Exactly 100 years since Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition was battling its way through the pack ice on the edge of Antarctica, the small British brand named after the great explorer is fighting to raise the funds it needs for its latest project, with a Kickstarter campaign for its Shackleton clothing which needs to raise £27,000 in 27 days.

The Shackleton made-in-Britain clothing brand, launched late last year by the same Norfolk company that makes Shackleton banjos, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which founder Simon Middleton describes as  “a dash for the Pole”.

The company has until the end of January 31st to complete its Kickstarter campaign. Having raised £3,000 of the £30,000 target in the few days before Christmas, the campaign now has just 27 days to raise the remaining £27,000 required.

Under the rules of Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding platforms, campaigns can only receive funding if they hit their target. If they fail by even one pound, then they receive nothing.

Simon Middleton raised £48,000 on the platform in 2013 to launch The Shackleton banjo, the first production level banjo to be manufactured in Britain for more than 60 years. That success – which also had a target of £30,000 – enabled Middleton to create a small factory in Norwich, Norfolk, and to employ two full-time instrument makers.

Since then the business, officially called The Great British Banjo Company, has launched a range of Shackleton premium beers, and a Shackleton knitwear collection designed from photographs of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men in the Antarctic 100 years ago.

Middleton explained: “Kickstarter was a great way for us to get started on our British manufacturing adventure, just over a year ago. Now we are using its tremendous crowd-sourcing potential again to fund the design and prototyping stages of our fantastic new Shackleton clothing range.

“We are passionate about small scale manufacturing in Britain, creating sustainable British jobs as well as high quality products. Our Shackleton knitwear, made in Leicestershire from British-grown wool, has shipped all over the world, amd particularly to the USA.

“Now we are have a 27 day race to achieve the remaining £27,000 that we need to expand from knitwear into jackets, trousers and shirts, all designed from 100 year old photographs of Shackleton.

“We’re calling it our dash to the Pole!

Potential backers can find the Shackleton brand clothing Kickstarter campaign at this link